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Trailer Tips

Inspect the Floor

How to Inspect Horse Trailer Floors Trailer floors have changed over the years. Horse trailer floors were originally made from planks that needed to be replaced periodically. Then came pressure treated wood which drastically improved horse trailer floors, which were then followed by aluminum. Each presents its own challenges. Pressure ...
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Check the Frame

Inspect the horse trailer frame annually The first and most important thing we do when preforming an annual service on a trailer is to inspect the frame. The trailer is jacked up and every bit of the frame and axles are completely inspected. Even “all aluminum” trailers have steel axles ...
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Say No to Auto Shop Repair, Here’s Why.

Auto shops specialize in car maintenance and repair and most have little understanding of the unique safety needs of horse trailers, such as cars don't have breakaway systems and horse trailers do. There are also unique safety aspects to the axles, frame, flooring, doors and ramp. At Riverview, horse trailers ...
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